You can monitor your water usage by reading your meter, which is usually located near the curb in front of your home under a concrete lid. To read your meter like the one illustrated below, simply read the first four (4) numbers from left to right. The last two numbers colored white disregard. For this sample the meter read would be 261, ignoring the other two numbers (47). Now subtract your last read from our bill or your records to determine your water usage in units/cubic feet of water. To convert the usage in gallons, multiply the number of units/cubic feet used by 7.48. If you need help call our office (323) 560-2439, we are here to help.

Checking For Leaks

While you’re carefully watching your meter for leaks, it is important to make sure that you shut off all the water in your home or business at the faucet inside and outside. Go back to your meter and look at the triangle (leak/usage detector) for at least 5 to 10 minutes. If the triangle (leak/usage detector) moves there is water moving though the meter and is chargeable water usage. If all the faucets are turn off this indicates that you have a leak. The faster it moves the more water is going though the meter. To help locate leaks try the following suggestions: