State of The Corporation

Accomplishments & System Needs

Prepared By: Sergio Palos, General Manager

The Managing Board of Directors and General Manager of Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 main concern has always been to provide sound financial management with a proactive approach to our water infrastructure needs and to provide clean and wholesome water to our customers. ​

In these past few years Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 has aggressively been updating our water system. This is done for the safety and reliability of our local water supply. The General Manager and Board of Directors are committed to improving our community water system. Through careful management and cost-saving measures Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 has been able to accomplish many necessary upgrades within existing resources despite rising energy and other production costs. Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 has also been paying increased fees this year to local, county and state water agencies. ​

The following is only a few of the projects Maywood Mutual Water #1 has undertaken to improve the water system for our community. ​

  • Installed computers system to automate the accounting, billing and payments from customers (2002)
  • Installed new and upgraded fire hydrants throughout most of our water system (2002)
  • Upgraded and computerized all the pumping controls to provide safer and more reliable service (2002)
  • Installed a over 2000 feet of a 10 inch water main on Atlantic Avenue (2002)
  • Installed new heating elements in our pumping motors to protect the pumps and wells from rain (2003)
  • Installed 5 new fire hydrants along Atlantic Avenue (2002 & 2004)
  • Replaced over 950 of the old residential water meters with newer more reliable ones (2002 & 2003)
  • Tested, repaired and/or replaced valves on all fire hydrants (2003)
  • Installed new water mains at the new 2 new school sites on Corona Avenue and 61st Street as well as at Pine Avenue and Randolph Street and Bear Avenue (about 2000 feet) with new 8” PVC (2004)
  • Installed 1000 feet of new water mains on Bear Avenue between 60th and 61st Street (2004)
  • Increased the monitoring of our local water supply to help insure our water remains safe and healthful for our families and community (2004)
  • Rehabilitated one of our two wells to provide a more reliable water supply (2005)
  • Installed several street valves at key locations (2005)
  • 12 new street valves were replaced along Everett Street, for better maintenance control of that area (2005)
  • Installed (2) Two - 200 gallons chlorine tanks one at well#3 & 2 at Well#4 (2005)
  • Mapped out and made blueprints of main plant distribution piping system (2005 - Ongoing)
  • Replace over 150 larger 1½” and 2” inch new commercial water meters in our system (2006)
  • Blueprints made for the replacement of pipeline at the east end of our system (2006)
  • Replacement and elimination of over 10,000 feet (2 miles) of old 4” pipeline at the east end (Maywood side) of our system (2007)
  • Upgraded to 8 inch PVC non-corrosive pipeline as replacement pipes (2007)
  • Installed over 40 new street valves (2007)
  • New copper service connections for 250 customers (2007)
  • 10 new fire hydrants at the east end of our system to provide excellent fire protection to the area (2007)
  • Back-flow prevention program started along Atlantic Avenue (2007)
  • Installed 10 - 3” and larger commercial meters (2008)
  • Installed 5 large meter vaults (2008)
  • Cleaned the interior of our 2 million gallon water tank (2008)
  • Installed additional (2) Two additional 200 gallon chlorine tanks one at each well site (2008)
  • Secured and replaced stolen fire hydrants to stop the theft (2008)
  • Finish paying off all water main replacement project (2008)
  • Added equipment to our inventory to include a Volvo backhoe (2009)
  • Pipeline crossover on the intersection of Slauson Ave. and Atlantic Ave. with tie-in on 10 inch water main on Atlantic Ave. and tie-in on 4inch on Slauson Ave. (2009)
  • Major equipment purchase of a Volvo Backhoe to start changing out valves in water system (2009)
  • Started valve replacement program 2 or 4 valves per month (2009)
  • Improve security in yard by adding lights in the yard (2009)
  • Booster station upgrade with new more efficient pumps (2009)
  • Installed new well motor for Well Site #3 (2010)
  • Installed Fire Hydrant on 60th street and Loma Vista (2010)
  • Removed broken valve on 60th Street (2010)
  • Applied & received $6,600. 00 dollars rebate form So. California Edison for new motors at our Booster Station (2010)
  • Changed out 30 valves within our Water system (2010)
  • Applied for 2 State grants for over 2.4 million dollars to be funded for new water tank and treatment plant (2009-2011)
  • Replaced over 200 old galvanize iron customer water service lines with new copper pipes service lines (2010-2011)

Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 has spent over 2 Million Dollars in improvements to our water system since 2002 when this present management took over the day to day duties of the Water Company. ​

Our dedication to improve your water system is not only in words, but in deeds. Even with all the work and improvements that have been done; in our aging water system, much work still remains to be completed. Merely replacing or rehabilitating our storage tanks, additional water lines and the rehabilitation of our water well #4 alone will cost in excess of six million dollars. We have continue with our street valve exercising program, and many valves will need to be replaced; other valves will need to be added for better control of the waters direction and shut downs in case of emergencies. ​

Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 has purchase a backhoe, with this equipment our crew well now be able to start changing out all the old valves in our system. This will save many thousands of dollars instead of hiring pipeline contractors. Other maintenance programs such as fire hydrant flushing, painting, meters and general maintenance of our well sites is always ongoing. ​

Many projects still remain to be completed. The re-coating project of the water tank is also on the agenda. Other improvements will be at the West end of our system along Maywood Avenue; this is to eliminating the dead ends as much as possible. ​

The Board of Directors and General Manager are aware of these improvements to our system that needs to be done and the Board of Directors and General Manager is prioritizing and preparing for these future expenses. Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 has always put customer service as a priority. The following is our company mission statement:

“Maywood Mutual Water Company No. 1, shall deliver to our shareholders
reliable supply of quality drinking water through preventative maintenance,
efficient pumping and distribution methods, informing and servicing our customers,
in a professional and courteous manner”

As General Manager I have always tried to keep this mission statement in mind in everything we do concerning Maywood Mutual Water Company #1. ​

The cost of imported water has risen 20% this year and may increase more in the future, due to the drought that has struck California. Voluntary conservation of water must become necessary in order to have enough water for the remainder of the year or water levels in the reservoirs will be reduced even more. ​

Nonetheless, the general manager and Board of Directors is committed to providing quality service to our customers by keeping a sufficient supply of safe potable water, responding to any customers concerns at any hour or day, maintaining an aggressive preventative maintenance program, repairing valves or water mains when needed and upgrading the water system when opportunity presents itself. Maintaining and improving our system will require diligences and commitment. ​

2010 - 2011 Maywood Mutual Water Company No. 1
System Report


Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 has finished replacing all of the old residential and larger commercial 1.5”, 2”, 3” and 4” water meters. The cycle will be repeated again within 7 to 10 years, However high users of water will be replace more often. ​

Fire Hydrants & Valves

All fire hydrants valves have been inspected and we have replaced all the old style dry-barrel hydrants with the newer and more reliable wet-barrel hydrants. We have installed 6 industrial fire hydrants around the schools. This year we experience fire hydrant theft. Thieves have stolen over 10 fire hydrants and have cost Maywood Mutual Water Company many thousands of dollars. Specially designed locks have been purchased and installed to protect some of our more expense hydrants. ​

Maintenance scheduled for 2010 – 2011

Street valve exercising program and hydrant flushing program is an ongoing preventative maintenance program. Our crew is required to exercise valves and flush the hydrant at least twice a year or more if necessary along the dead end areas. ​

Water Main Distribution System

Water pipeline main improvements have been made again this year at the Slauson Avenue intersection and Atlantic Avenue. Before the intersection was paved over new with new concrete Maywood Mutual Water Co. #1 did replace and eliminated over a 1500 feet of old water main pipeline with new ductile iron pipes. This will result in a more reliable supply of water for our customers that is now served with new pipeline. ​

Our service area is from Maywood Ave. on the West to King Ave. on the East and Randolph Ave. on the South to Slauson Ave. on the North. ​

With these improvements Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 will always have enough water pressure and volume for the continuing growth and the safety needs of our community. ​

Water Wells

Well #3 was rehabilitated and is a fair producer; it delivers on average of 690 gallons per minute (gpm). The water is of excellent quality. This well can keep up with the demand for water on most days. ​

Well #4 is our highest producer, delivering on average 920 gallons per minute. The water is of fair quality. This well can always keep up with the demand for the water needs of our community.

Repairs and Maintenance on Water Wells

Well #3, is working to capacity after installing new 125 hp motor.

Well #4, There maybe a need to clean out this well to improve the production of our main well. And purchase a filtering plant in the future to remove iron and manganese.

Booster Station

A computerized pump control system that was installed in 2002 has been working properly. This system has enabled us to maintain a safe degree of constant pressure in our system. This computer will make sure that when needed; like in case of fire or other emergencies our booster will come on line and notify us via telephone. ​

Plans to add the tank level read out, Flow meter going into and out of are booster station is being investigated, to enhance the controls and have more information for management to maintain proper water levels. ​

Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 has 3 booster pumps. A complete overhaul of booster “C” has been done this year that will triple the pumping capacity of this pump with the same energy cost. This will reduce the electric load being used be more cost efficient to operate and reduce over pumping with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Operating with these kinds of motors, pumps and drive will reduce cost and save many thousands of dollars in the coming years. ​

Repairs and Maintenance on Water Tanks & Distribution Station

Small Tank: Maywood Mutual Water Co. #1 has been trying to get grant monies for replacement or repairs of this tank from the State of California Water Resources Department and the Economic Recovery fund. ​

We will instead try to secure a grant / loan from the State if possible. This management will actively continue to look for and apply for low interest loan or grants. If not, we will build up our reserves in preparation for this expense. ​

Large Tank: This tank has been inspected and found to be in need of recoating; even more so than the smaller tank. Again it comes to money. This board and management have made this our next top priority. ​

Booster Pumps

Management has installed a heater system to three motors to help keep the motors dry, and protect them from shorting out. Booster C has been replaced with a new motor and pump to reduce our energy cost. Our engineering consultant also advised us to install a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with a slow start to prolong the life of the booster motor and pump. Booster Station Valves: Two booster and the valve at the smaller tank have been replaced. ​

Plant Equipment

Management has invested in equipment. A gas power concrete and asphalt saw, air compressor with jack hammer and tamper attachments, water draining pumps, safety equipment and a backhoe tractor was purchase. Most repairs are now being done by our crew here at Maywood Mutual Water Company #1. This equipment has resulted in thousands of dollars in saving from using outside contractors. This equipment will save time and money for Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 for many years to come. Management is committed to have the right equipment available for the safety of our employees and to service our customers and community better.

Water Sampling

Every year the Environmental Protection Agency E.P.A. and the California Department of Public Health C.D.P.H. adds more and more elements that have to be tested. This requires that Maywood Mutual Water Co. #1 monitor our well water even more closely; and increases the time and cost of testing our wells. This year we had to add (6) six additional testing sites for our quarterly testing. This now bring to a total of (20) testing site. Plus a minimum of (20) other sites for Lead and Copper. A total of (40) or more site’s must be monitored and reported. This pass year Maywood Mutual Water Company #1 has performed over 2200 tests for Bacteria, Ph, chlorine residual, lead and copper, temperature plus a host of other constituents and data.

We have two (2) laboratories testing our well and system water for different type’s constituents or pathogens. These tests are performed on weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly schedule. ​

1. Test America for Water Replenishment District - (Title 22) 2. Clinical Laboratory of San Bernardino

C.D.P.H. has now asked that we blend our water so as not to exceed any non-health standards or aesthetic element such as manganese and iron in the water. Maywood Mutual Water Co. #1 has rarely exceeded these standards at the sampling points at customers homes; but has exceeded these standards at the well site #4. We have decided to blend our waters with Well #3 now as our main producing well to lower any chance of manganese reaching the customers. Manganese when present produces nearly black water at the tap. We have never had those complaints, nor has any customer brought any samples of this kind of water to Maywood Mutual Water Co. #1. We our blending water to avoid raising our water rates to buy a 1.5 million dollar filtration system.

County Fire Department

Maywood Mutual Water Co. #1 is in compliance with our valve exercising programs. Maywood Mutual Water Co. #1 will keep hydrants painted and clean so to be easily visible at night. Management has a map and number system to identify all fire hydrants in our system and plans to submit this to the local fire departments. Our crew has been installing blue reflectors dots at each fire hydrant for easy identification of hydrant location. ​

Vandalism & Theft

High metal prices have increased the chances of theft. This year we have had (10) Brass Fire Hydrant stolen. We have tried to make hydrant theft more difficult, and the Police have been notified to be on the lookout. ​


Maywood Mutual Water Co. #1 has improved the security at our main well yard on Gifford Avenue, however more security is needed on well lots #3 and #2. We have reports of break-in and young people loitering in the yards. A new requirement from the EPA and The Public Health Security and Bio-terrorism Response Act of 2002, requires community water utilities to assess the vulnerability of their systems to provide a safe and reliable source of drinking water.